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Auditing ESG Risk: Get the How-to Guide
Take a Risk-Based Approach to ESG Strategy
Are you ready to audit environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk?

With moves towards framework consolidation and an increasing number of responsible investing commitments, it’s clear that regulators, investors, and the public are paying more attention to ESG issues than ever before. Many stakeholders are also looking to ESG as an opportunity area to add value.

A new guide from AuditBoard and Deloitte, How to Audit ESG Risk and Reporting, outlines ways to help your organization manage ESG risk and report on related requirements. Download your copy to learn about:

  • Trends in the ESG landscape, including how businesses currently stack up in ESG readiness.
  • How to integrate ESG risk and reporting into your internal audit plans.
  • Key questions to ask for a risk-based approach to auditing ESG.
Auditing ESG Risk: Get the How-to Guide

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