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Renegade Lawyer Marketing eBook

America's solo and small firm attorneys are under siege! Learn how to survive and thrive as the underdog.

In every town there is at least one 800 pound gorilla that can massively outspend them, and there are marketing vultures galore just waiting to sell them the next purple pill to solve their marketing woes. If that isn't enough, venture capitalists are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into companies like LegalZoom, NextGenJustice, and Legal Docs by Me to compete with these small law firms.

Because good marketing education for lawyers is hard to come by (and frowned upon by many in the profession), solo and small firm lawyers often find themselves crushed by the uncertainty of not knowing where the next client will come from, and the disappointment on the home front that comes from inconsistent cash flow.

Even in this climate there are solo and small firms around the country thriving with renegade marketing that doesn't break the bank. This book reveals the secrets that these firms are using to get noticed in a very crowded market and to establish themselves as wise man or woman at the top of the mountain to a very skeptical public. These lawyers are using advertising that restores pride and dignity to the profession.

What You Will Discover:

  • Why most lawyer marketing messages being run by mega-TV advertisers today are never heard and what you must do to stand out in a very crowded market.
  • Why the typical lawyer advertising message of “we care” or "we are aggressive" is almost as bad as saying nothing and how a simple change of message can establish you as respected authority in your town.
  • Seven critical and inexpensive habits that the top solo and small firm lawyer marketers follow to make sure that they never have to worry about where the next case is coming from.
  • What you must add to every advertisement if you want to wring maximum ROI out of every hard earned dollar it cost to run that ad.
  • The secret to follow up marketing that most lawyers miss because they believe a huge myth about their prospects.
  • Social media: so easy to do and yet (usually) so wasteful. What the folks selling you “how to get more friends” will never understand.
  • The marketing skills you need to master in order to never fear the 800-pound gorilla, even if his face IS on every billboard, bus and park bench in your city.