Information Technology: The Privacy Puzzle
- Students will understand the importance of online privacy and safety practices.
- Students will be able to identify common online privacy risks and threats.
- Students will learn basic safety practices to protect their online privacy and security.

National Standards:
Complies with NBEA Information Technology 2023 Standard III.1 Demonstrate respectful, responsible, inclusive, and ethical behavior in a digital world:
  - III.1.1. Identify and explore basic privacy issues associated with technology
  - III.1.2. Explore the risks and dangers of sharing personal information in a digital world (e.g., digital footprint, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, identity theft)
  - III.1.3. Explore the possibilities and perils of digital communications
  - III.1.4. Discuss and apply Internet safety practices

- Whiteboard and markers
- Computer lab or students' own devices with internet access
- Videos and interactive activities related to online privacy and safety

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