Complimentary Manual

2017 Real Estate Practice Manual
The 2017 Nebraska Real Estate Practice Manual, commonly called the Red Book, has been completely updated. The three volume, 2,000 page manual includes detailed discussions on buying, financing, leasing, and selling commercial, residential and agricultural real estate.

It includes primers on surveys and descriptions, zoning, HOAs and COAs, oil and gas leases, deeds, quiet title actions, like-kind exchanges, title insurance, SIDs, Fair Housing Act, and partition actions. New chapters include easements and other restrictions, acknowledgments, environmental issues, wind leases, TIF and other incentives, valuation protests and appeals, treasurer’s tax deeds, TODDs, and corrective instruments.
Volume 1: The Purchase Agreement; Agricultural Purchase Agreements and Leases; Section 1031: Like Kind Exchanges of Real Estate; Surveys, Descriptions and Boundaries; Financing: Mortgages, Trust Deeds, Land Contracts; Title Insurance; Construction and Non-Consensual Liens; Deeds; Real Estate Easements, Covenants and Restrictions in Nebraska; and Seller Property Condition Disclosure Statement and Other Disclosure Requirements for Residential Real Property Transactions;

Volume 2: Escrow Procedures and Regulations and Real Estate Closings; Acknowledgments, Notarial Acts and eNotary; Land Use Controls: Zoning; Homeowners' Associations and Condominium Owners' Associations: A 101 Review; Water Quality Issues in Real Estate and Jurisdiction Under the Federal Clean Water Act; Protecting Water Rights in a Real Estate Transaction; Environmental Due Diligence in Real Estate Transactions’; Sanitary and Improvement Districts (SIDS); Wind Energy Projects in Nebraska; Oil and Gas: Conveyance, Leasing and Basic Title Problems; An Introduction to Tax Increment Financing in Nebraska; Nebraska Real Estate Tax Credits; Foreclosures/Post Foreclosures in Nebraska;

Volume 3: Property Valuation Protests and Appeals; Tax Foreclosures; Issuance of Treasurer's Tax Deeds; Transfer on Death Deeds; Quiet Title Actions; Partition Actions; Condemnations; Corrective Instruments [or how to] Identify Defects, Apply Curative Statutes, and Draft Corrective Instruments; Fair Housing Act; Landlord and Tenant Law; and Commercial Real Estate Leases; Real Estate Titles in Bankruptcy.
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