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State of the Law 2023: The Great Automation
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Based on a nationwide survey of 200 law firms employing fewer than 50 staff members, see how Florida’s law firms stack up against the U.S.’s legal industry at large.

Twenty-one percent of surveyed lawyers in Florida billed just one to two hours daily, which presents enormous challenges and opportunities for Florida law firms, 97% of which have minimum annual billing requirements of 1,000 to over 1,500 hours. Only the top 47% of Florida lawyers meet annual billing minimum requirements, leaving over half of the lawyers severely struggling to keep pace with billing standards at their firms.

On the national stage, law firms successfully transformed their law firms into efficient and profitable businesses whilst adapting to work from anywhere and delivering superior levels of client services.

What is the catalyst for efficient, productive, and profitable law firms? Technology.

Leading legal professionals embrace technology wholeheartedly, utilizing time-keeping software to track billable hours and document automation to draft and transmit essential forms. Nevertheless, there is still a considerable journey ahead to unlock the full potential of technology.

This complimentary report offers valuable insights on the following topics:

  • The reasons behind the noteworthy adoption of technology and why it has yet to deliver the desired benefits of ROI, business growth, and quality of relationships and work.
  • How to assess and implement technology effectively to achieve the highest impact and ensure success.
  • And more!
State of the Law 2023: The Great Automation

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