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Tax Season Survival Guide
Checklists to help you survive tax season.
Planning for the upcoming tax season is an important step in managing the professional liability risk associated with providing tax services. The following checklists provide many suggestions firms should consider in planning for this work.

Sneak peek into the Guide:

What to do now…
  • 7 ways to help clients prepare
  • 4 steps to review e-file requirements and processes
  • 5 ways to update engagement letters
  • 6 data security concerns

What to do during tax season…
  • 13 items to review in pre-tax season staff meeting
  • 12 tasks that should be performed for each client
  • 4 steps to update the docket system to help avoid missed deadlines
  • 5 things to remember when testing tax software

Next steps after tax season...
  • 4 actions for future year success
Tax Season Survival Guide

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