Building Awesome Digital Portfolios
In this webinar, participants will learn what a digital portfolio is and key components to create a powerful learning journey narrative. Regardless of what digital profile builder you use, these key components will apply! 
  • We will start with examples of what a digital portfolio is, what essential parts of it are, and 
  • finish with strategies to help connect your business curriculum to personal skills and opportunities for your students.
  • The participants will uncover 3 reasons to use portfolios in business classrooms and 3 ways digital portfolios can break down barriers from academics to workplace opportunities for youth. 
Peter Hostrawser has taught high school business for over 20 years and consults with EdTech companies worldwide including spikeview. He has helped create and grow successful high school business programs at five different high schools in the Chicagoland area. He is also a curriculum designer and the host of the Disrupt Education Podcast discusses different ways of doing education with guests. 
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